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Everything you Need to Know About Fitness Trackers for Seniors.

The invention of modern gadgets like the Pedometer and fitness trackers has made the task of keeping track of health and fitness super easy.

If you’re concerned about the health and the overall welfare of the elderly members of your family, you should buy them the best fitness trackers for seniors. However, it’s not that easy. Older people usually don’t get along very well with modern gadgets.

For this reason, you have to consider several factors that will affect the practicality of the gadget or device. For instance, it doesn’t make much sense buying an advanced device with tons of features when what seniors really want is a fitness tracker that doesn’t require smartphone to operate.

How to select the best fitness trackers for seniors.

Senior citizens might find it hard to get used to modern technology. Or they may not be able to use them properly, unless the gadget or the device is user-friendly, and does not have complicated controls. Here are some of the most important factors which you need to take into consideration while looking for the best fitness trackers for seniors.

  • Portability – Generally, the majority of good fitness devices are designed to provide an easy carriage or portability. These devices are designed to be worn on the wrists, or clipped/strapped to clothing.

But not all manufacturers produce their products with the intention of helping the seniors. There are some products on the market that are not senior-friendly, such products are manufactured thoughtlessly just for the sake of generating income. So, you need to ensure that the device you purchase is effortless to carry.

  • Battery – This is something that everyone looks to when buying a device that is powered by a battery. And this is no exception, even in the case of a fitness device. For older people, they wouldn’t want something that needs frequent charging. For example, it would be really annoying if the device needs charging after every 3-4 hours, or if the battery needs to be replaced after every few months. So, the more powerful the battery is, the better it is.
  • Durability – When it comes to taking care of things like gadgets, elderly people are the most careful ones. They are naturally careful, and they protect and handle their belongings with the utmost care. But, at over 60 years of age, accidents are most common. Also, the chances of breaking or damaging things are increased when children are around them.

To make sure that the tracker lasts for a long time, it is crucial that you check the built quality, and the material used. Also, it would be much better if the device has a removable frame; this will allow you to replace the parts easily.

  • Waterproof – This is not a major factor, but it should not be ignored as it will affect the durability of the device. The thing called ‘senior moments’ or ‘forgetful moments’ is very common amongst aged people. They may forget to remove their trackers when going for a swim or a shower. In this case, the tracking device will start to behave abnormally, or stop working in an instant if it is not water-resistant.

Why use pedometers and fitness trackers?

There are a lot of reasons why pedometers and fitness trackers are extremely important for senior citizens. Of course, we do not discourage the use of other similar gadgets, but the best option for aged folks is these easy to use gadgets. We will list out a few reasons why we strictly recommend using pedometers and fitness trackers.

Firstly, these gadgets have a very friendly user interface. Even older adults can make the best use of these gadgets without any complications.

Secondly, they need to be reminded of important fitness statistics. For example, they need to know how many steps they’ve walked in a day so that they won’t be doing less or excess exercise. Needless to say, pedometers and fitness trackers are the best fit.

As we grow older, a lot of health threats come along, including diabetes, stroke, obesity, heart disease, and many more. To keep away these life-threatening health conditions, and live a healthy life, a good health tracker is needed. In addition, the immune systems in senior citizens are much weaker, and they need trackers more than young people.

Pedometers vs. Fitness trackers.

Quite a lot of people know what a pedometer is and what fitness tracker is, but only a few can tell the difference between the two. It’s definitely important to know which is which, and what purpose they serve. Knowing the difference between these two devices will let you know exactly, which will be the ideal pick. Here is a highlight of some of the major differences between a pedometer and a fitness tracker.

  1. The difference in functionality.

The major difference between these two gadgets is their functionality. Pedometer’s primary function is to track the steps of its users. The steps are counted by detecting the motion of the person.

Pedometers will enable its users to measure the number of steps easily walked in a day, knowing this will urge the user to take action accordingly.  According to experts, a person must take at least 5000 steps in a day to enable the body to get rid of excess calories and remain healthy.

On the other hand, fitness trackers are much more advanced, and they can perform multiple functions. A fitness tracker can track your heart rate, sleep time, and amount of calories burnt. It can also tell its users the number of days exercised in a week.

In addition, fitness trackers can also be used with the help of a smartphone. The users can configure the device and receive notification and reminders through the app.

  • The difference in price.

Another major factor that separates pedometers and fitness trackers is the price. Generally, pedometers are much cheaper, while fitness trackers come with a considerably higher price tag.

Review of some of the best Pedometers and fitness trackers.


1. Realalt 3D TrisportWalking 3D Pedometer (Best recommended)

The 3D Trisport is undoubtedly one of the best and easy to use pedometer for elderly. Some of the best features of this device include:

  • 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology – This advanced technology helps provide information with superb accuracy.
  • 30 days memory – With this feature, the user can easily track the distance, calories, and even the duration of the exercise. The data can be stored for 30 days, which means its users can also set up weekly or monthly goals or target.
  • Multiple wearing options – The 3D Tri-Axis can be worn around the neck, clip to the waist, or carried in a pocket bag.
  • Long-lasting Battery – When it comes to battery, this device is a champ. The battery can last up to 12 months without recharging. The standby mode ensures minimal power usage when not in use.


  • Affordable, great value to money
  • Awesome features


  • Battery replacement needed from time to time.

2. 3D FitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer.

As its name suggests, the 3D FitBud has an extremely easy to use interface, and is an easy to use pedometer for elderly. Let’s take a look at what this Pedometer has to offer.

  • Ready to use – This device does not need an assembly; it can be used straight out of the package.
  • 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology – This technology is known for its ability to provide accurate information regardless of any position or angle.
  • Auto sleep – When the user is not moving or walking, the 3D FitBud activates the auto sleep automatically to reserve battery.
  • Large digit display – With a full-screen display, even users with poor eyesight can read the numbers easily at first glance.
  • Senior-friendly – One of the best and easy to use pedometers for elderly.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Multiple carrying or wearing options


  • Solely designed to track steps, lacks features

Fitness trackers.

1. YAMAY Fitness tracker (Best recommended)

This device is designed for senior people who are determined to stay in shape.

  • Multiple tracking – This explains how much the YAMAY Fitness tracker can do.  It can keep a track on numerous activities including, walking, riding, hiking, sleeping,  trekking, sleep, dancing, running, and many more.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – It lets the user monitor the device via smartphone.
  • Clever charging – Does not require a cable to charge the device, remove the cover at the back and stick its end into a USB port.


  • Its features are exceptionally great
  • No separate charger needed


  • Sleep tracking feature may not provide very accurate information

2. Garmin Vivofit fitness band.

This device is indeed amongst the best fitness tracker for grandma and grandpa. One of the most striking features of the Garmin Vivofit is its battery, it is built to last for one year, and there is no need to charge it. Let’s go through some of its best features.

  • Multiple tracking features – The Garmin Vivofit can track your sleep, steps, and calories.
  • Water-resistant – This feature eliminates the need to remove the device when going for a swim or a shower.
  • Sleek design – The Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker is very comfortable, stylish, and sleek. Users can wear it anywhere or anytime.
  • Sleep mode – This feature can be used to save the battery when it’s not in use. The user must activate it manually.


  • Incredibly good looking and practical.
  • Great features
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Doesn’t have a built-in heart monitor

3. Letsfit Fitness tracker with heart rate monitor.

Letsfit is one of the most advanced fitness bands. With this good looking fitness device on your wrist, you will not only be able to manage your health efficiently, but you will also be better at managing your time and daily activities. Its features include:

  • 24×7 Activity Tracking – Tracks your all-day activities like walking, distance, sleep status/duration, and calories burned.
  • Auto heart rate monitor – Get to know a clearer picture of your health with this feature. It tracks and keeps a record of your heart rate automatically.
  • Built-in USB plug – This feature makes it super easy to charge the device, no charging cable is needed. All you have to do is plug in the device into a USB port.
  • Lasting Battery – Once the battery is fully charged, it can last up to 7 days.
  • Text messages and call notification – Sends a notification when there is an incoming call, or when text messages are received. You’ll get to know who is calling or who sent you a message even when your phone is out of sight.


  • Excellent features
  • Affordable
  • Works with both Android and iOS


  • The pedometer is not very accurate

4. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is a popular device, particularly because of its great built quality and reliability.

  • Smart connectivity – Pair this device with your smartphone and receive notifications whenever you receive messages or calls.
  • Daily fitness tracking – Tracks distance, heart rate, sleep, steps, and calories. The device will remind you (in the form of a vibration alert) to go on if you remain idle for too long.
  • Silent Alarm – This feature will wake you up in the morning without disturbing your partner.
  • Wrist sense – The screen lightens up automatically when your wrist is turned towards you.


  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries last up to 7 days.
  • Lots of cool features
  • High-quality product


  • Only works with smartphones, does not support tablets or PCs

Final thoughts.

Each of the above fitness devices are awesome products. Whether you’re looking for a fitness tracker for grandma/grandpa or a fitness tracker that doesn’t require smartphone, you can choose accordingly. Investing in any of those products is never a waste of your hard-earned money. If you want to know why, here are some good reasons.

We picked the best fitness trackers for seniors after carefully examining two factors. Firstly, we looked at the brand, and each one of these brands are well established and has a good reputation.

Secondly, we looked for customers’ reviews, which is the best thing, because the customer’s feedbacks are most honest. We found that each product listed above has hundreds of positive feedbacks.

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