CSX Walking 3D Pedometer Activity Fitness Tracker Review

Experts around the world all agree that walking is one of the most beneficial activities people can do for their health.  More and more people are including walking during their daily activities to maintain or improve their fitness level.

Many walkers like to use a pedometer to help them keep track of their walking, and to track progress towards their goals.  If you think a pedometer is something you need, you should consider the CSX Walking 3D Pedometer Activity Fitness Tracker.  It’s a pedometer that’s affordable, but it does everything you need it to do.  Here are the main features:

It’s Accurate

The CSX pedometer uses Silent 3D Advanced Tri Axis walk sensor technology.  What does that mean?  It’s more accurate than other pedometers.  This one won’t miss any of those steps you work so hard for, plus you can put it just about anywhere.  When it comes to tracking our steps each day, we all want the correct count.

The Data

What does this pedometer measure?  Everything you need.  It measures your calories burned, total steps taken each day, total distance traveled, and you can decide which units of measure you prefer, either imperial or metric.  To increase accuracy even further, you can enter your weight and stride length.  With the CSX pedometer, you get all the information you need.

Set Some Goals

With the CSX pedometer, you can set a daily step goal, and it will track your progress on a good visual progress bar.  When you reach your goal, the LED flashes and it beeps to let you know you’ve done a good job.  This fitness tracker also shows your total walking time each day.


The walking pedometer has a seven day memory, so you can store a week’s worth of data before it automatically resets at midnight.  Your step count will begin anew each day without you having to remember it, and you get plenty of time to write down or enter your progress in your favorite fitness app to keep track of your goals.

Free Book

When you buy the CSX Walking 3D Pedometer, you get the free e-book “Walk Yourself Fitter!” which is jam packed with great information and inspiring stories so you get the most out of your walking program.

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  • Maximum accuracy for step counting
  • Steps, distance, calorie information
  • Set goals and hear alarms when you reach them
  • 7 days worth of memory that resets automatically at midnight
  • Free e-book
  • 18 month warranty


  • May count bumps when driving as steps it’s so sensitive
  • Some customers had difficulty with understanding the instructions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will this pedometer count steps when you are on an Elliptical?

A: Yes, the CSX pedometer works well on ellipticals and treadmills.

Q: Is this pedometer waterproof?

A: No, the CSX pedometer is not waterproof or water resistant.  Take care around water!

Q: How long does the beeper beep once you reach your goal?

A: The beeper goes off for 30 seconds and then shuts off.  If you press any buttons, it will turn off as well.

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Final Verdict

If you need to improve your health, or your doctor has prescribed you a number of steps each day, you need a good pedometer.  If you want a good product at a reasonable price, I recommend the CSX Walking 3D Pedometer Activity Fitness Tracker.  It has excellent accuracy, all the data you need, you can set goals, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like a Fitbit.  For a basic, solid pedometer backed with a good warranty, the CSX fitness tracker is a great buy.

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