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Best Pedometer Under $25

Gone are the days when pedometers and fitness trackers used to be expensive. Now, you can buy these health accessories for well within $25. Pedometers are specifically designed for tracking steps. Unlike fitness trackers, they do not come with too many advanced features and so do not blow a hole in your pocket.   Pedometers are great devices […]

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Top Smart Jewelry Wearables You Can Buy in 2019

Whoever said form follows function when it comes to wearables and fitness trackers obviously didn’t know about smart jewelry! Fitness trackers don’t always need to look like a heavy duty sports watch or a colorful sporty band that only looks good when you are in fitness clothes. What if you just want to dress up […]

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Best Weight Lifting Tracker Wearable for Gym

When it comes to fitness trackers, they are not all created equal. You can take a high-end fitness tracker that logs many metrics like calories, running cadence, distance, elevation and so many other details only to tell you that you have burnt about 50 calories after you just bench pressed 200 lbs. The fact of […]

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Best Pedometer Apps You Can Try Today!

You don’t always need an actual pedometer device to keep track of your steps. Your phone pretty much has all the sensors that are found in a pedometer. With the right app, your phone can be a fantastic pedometer. Below, we will quickly introduce you to the best pedometer apps, both for your Android phone […]

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