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Best Pedometer Watch Under $50

Pedometers are devices that monitor your steps. With such a device, you can track activities such as running, swimming, walking and sleeping. They motivate people to achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s tracking your heart rate or the number of steps you move each day, pedometers will help you gauge your performance and health. If […]

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Best Pedometer Under $25

Gone are the days when pedometers and fitness trackers used to be expensive. Now, you can buy these health accessories for well within $25. Pedometers are specifically designed for tracking steps. Unlike fitness trackers, they do not come with too many advanced features and so do not blow a hole in your pocket.   Pedometers are great devices […]

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Best Pedometer Bracelet – Guide & Reviews

Best Pedometer Bracelet – Guide and Review These days, it seems like it has never been easier to get in shape and stay fit. Whether it’s signing up for a gym membership, shopping for natural organic meals, or utilizing one of a hundred different apps to help you achieve your goals, now is the best […]

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Best Activity Monitor – Guide & Reviews

Best Activity Monitor – Guide and Review Do you ever wonder just how many calories you burn each day? Do you have fitness goals but have no idea if you’re achieving them? You need an activity monitor. An activity monitor is a watch-like device that tracks your body’s movements each day to give you valuable […]

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