Best Wrist Pedometer - Guide & Reviews

Best Wrist Pedometer - Guide and Review

Have you ever wondered how far you walk each day? Has your doctor given you a recommended amount of steps you need to take on a regular basis? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you need to get a pedometer.

A pedometer is a device that counts each step a person takes. Pedometers have become popular recently as a way to keep track of your level of activity, and as a motivational tool. With the advent of GPS technology, pedometers can now accurately track your location, speed, and elevation in addition to counting steps.

If you sync your pedometer with your phone or tablet, you can do even more. If you think a modern pedometer is something you want to have, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve performed hours of research to discover five of the best pedometers currently available on the internet, and presented them here for you. Here are the top five models I found, with a short review for each one of them:

Recommended Product Reviews

1. Pedometer, Fitness Bracelet Wristband

The pedometer from KeagTech is a no-nonsense model that’s easy for anyone to use.

What it Does

This fitness bracelet does everything you need it to do. It will count your steps up to 100,000, it will count how many calories you burn up to 1,000, and it will calculate the distance you cover up to 1,000 kilometers or miles, your choice. It also has a nice large 12-hour time display so you’ll never be late again.

The Display

The display screen on the KeagTech fitness tracker is liquid crystal, or LCD. The numbers are nice and big so you can see them easily, and keeping with its utilitarian design are black on a light background. The technology here is simple yet effective.

The Warranty

These days, many electronic gadgets and gizmos are made with poor quality and are designed to be thrown away when they become useless. This is not one of those gadgets. The KeagTech pedometer comes with a startling lifetime warranty! 

If you’re not completely satisfied with this product, you’ll get your money back. Simple design, easy to use, awesome price and a lifetime warranty make this pedometer a great bargain.

2. TreadLife Fitness Wrist Band Pedometer

The wrist band pedometer from TreadLife Fitness is another simple, sturdy design available at an affordable price.

Choose a Color

One nice thing about this pedometer is the fact that you can choose from a variety of colors. It comes in white, pink, blue, or black, so you can get your favorite color. If you want more than one color, this pedometer is so affordable you can probably buy all four! I always like when colors are available other than the standard white or black.

The Data

This pedometer provides you with data on how many steps you take each day, how many calories you burn, and how much distance you covered from the time you woke up until you go to bed. The information is displayed on an LCD display with large numbers that are easy to read. This pedometer is easy to use, with its simple two-button controls.

The Band

Whenever you wear anything on your wrist all day, comfort is always an important concern. The wristband on the TreadLife pedometer is made from a soft but durable ABS/Silica gel material that looks great and is comfortable as well. This pedometer is so comfortable, you might even sleep with it on!

This is another affordable no-nonsense option for people who just want an easy to use model. The battery is included, so when you receive it it’s ready to use.

3. Lookatool Smart Wrist Band

This pedometer from Lookatool is a modern take on the fitness bracelet with many more extensive features, but it’s still surprisingly affordable.

The Basics

Like most other pedometer wrist bands, the Lookatool will count your steps each day, calculate the distance you cover, tell you how many calories you burned, and tell you the time on its advanced OLED display. If you’re looking for basic pedometer functions, this wrist band has everything you need.

The Extras

Here’s where the Lookatool gets interesting. In addition to the basic functions, this fitness tracker does a bunch more. First, you can sync your wrist band to your iOS device that has version 6.1 or newer, or your Android with 4.3 or newer version software.

Then you can access the app to keep track of your goals and progress towards them as you go. Once you get your wrist band set up, it will vibrate to gently remind you to make phone calls, wake you up, tell you to get up and moving (sedentary alert), drink water, or it can find your phone if you happen to lose it.

Oh yeah, and it’s also waterproof, so you never have to take it off if you don’t want to. This fitness tracker has every feature you ever imagined it would!

The Colors

Once again, when you buy the Lookatool pedometer, you get to choose which color you want from a number of choices. This wristband is available in black, dark blue, green, light blue, yellow, and even orange! With this selection, everyone should be able to choose a color to their liking.

The Lookatool pedometer has all of the basic pedometer functions plus advanced features available when you sync to your device using Bluetooth. All of these features combine to make you into a connected fitness machine!

4. Stardrift Upgraded Non-Bluetooth Pedometer Bracelet Fitness Tracker Wristband

Stardrift’s pedometer is another great product with a sleek design for people who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Non-Bluetooth Design

You don’t need an app to run this fitness bracelet, because it won’t sync to your smartphone. Stardrift designed it like this on purpose, for people who just want a powerful pedometer bracelet that works well on its own. If you’re trying to simplify your life and not add more complications, this bracelet is the one for you.


The Stardrift pedometer will tell you the date and time, number of steps each day, how many calories you’ve burned, the distance you cover, how fast you are moving, total activity time, and your quality of sleep. All of this information is displayed on an OLED display and is controlled with a single button for ease of use.

Improved Accuracy

With the Stardrift fitness tracker, you can enter your unique personal information so the data you receive is much more accurate. Enter your gender, age, weight, and height for much more reliable and valuable information about your progress towards your fitness goals.

With an extremely comfortable strap made from medical grade TPU material, this pedometer has all the features you need and is also available in black, red, and white.

5. EFO-S BLACK K5 Wireless Activity and Sleep Monitor Pedometer

This pedometer from EFO-S is for those who want all the most advanced pedometer features, and it’s available in black, blue, and pink for the ladies.


The K5 fitness wristband needs to be synced to your mobile device with the Zeroner app. You can sync to iOS devices with 7.0 or newer, and Android devices with 4.3 or better software and 4.0 Bluetooth in addition.

To use message notification, you need to download the Smartzeroner app and sync. This fitness bracelet will work well with the smartphone you already have.

What it Does

Naturally, this pedometer will track the number of steps you take each day, calories burned, and distance covered. It will also monitor your sleep at night and tell you how long you spent sleeping lightly or deeply.

Using the built-in vibration, this bracelet can be used as an alarm to wake you up, and lets you know when you receive phone calls or text messages. It also has a sedentary reminder to let you know when you’ve been sitting still too long, and a sleep mode to save battery power while you sleep.

The K5 pedometer has an appealing design and simple one-button operation, but the quality of the Zeroner app used with it seems to be lacking somewhat. They’re on the right track, but this one could use a little improvement.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a pedometer for health or fitness goals for yourself, all five of these products are good choices when it comes down to value and features. However, I always like to choose a winner.

Out of this group of the best wrist pedometers, I select the Lookatool Smart Wrist Band. It has plenty of color options and does all of the basic functions that you need from a pedometer.

When you sync it to your phone with the free app, it becomes a much more useful tool, even reminding you when you need to drink some water.

Another function that’s helpful is the find phone one, so you can easily locate your smartphone whenever you happen to misplace it. All of these features plus the fact that it’s waterproof make the Lookatool Smart Wrist Band a great value for your money.

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