Best Pedometer Watch – Guide and Review

America’s national fitness craze continues to grow. If you take a minute to look around, you’ll see joggers, walkers, bicyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city suburbs, or out on a country road. They’re out there.

Fitness enthusiasts have always longed for an accurate way to monitor their workout, walk, or ride. Mechanical pedometers were the first usable invention for walkers trying to count their steps. With the advent of smartphone technology, pedometer watches have become all the rage among walking enthusiasts.

Pedometer watches have developed into more than just step counters. Not only will they count your steps, but they also track your heart rate, duration of the walk, distance covered, and a few other aspects of a walk.

If you’re in the market for a pedometer watch, here’s our review of them in our search for the best pedometer watch.

1. Your Exclusive Waterproof Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband Smart Band

Our first review is for the Your Exclusive Waterproof Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband Smart Band.

Small and stylish, it has a simple display mounted in a bracelet-like wristband.

The display information can be manipulated to show different types of information, all with a touch of the screen. Many types of information can be monitored and displayed. They are:

  • Digital pedometer functions – steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and active-minute stats for an entire day
  • Sport activity function records – steps and calorie burning
  • Call or text notifications
  • Monitors sleep and sleep quality

Like most pedometer watches, the Your Exclusive is compatible with multiple smartphone and Bluetooth programs like:

  • Apple IOS 7.0 and above
  • Android 4.3 and above
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and above

The Your Exclusive claims to be able to hold a charge for up to seven days. When it needs to be recharged, expect 2-3 hours. It is waterproof. All-in-all, a nice list of features for a pedometer watch. There are a few flaws, however.

  • A tendency for the display face to fall out of it’s mounting in the bracelet
  • Loses charge fairly quickly during normal use
  • Lack of pedometer accuracy (adds steps randomly).

You would expect a higher priced pedometer watch to be of better construction. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Your Exclusive Waterproof Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband Smart Band pedometer watch. For the price you can do better. Caveat Emptor.

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2. Fanmis Unisex Sports Watches Quartz Clock Military Waterproof Outdoor Pedometer Watch

The Fanmis Unisex Sports Watch is a basic pedometer watch. It does not have a link feature for Android or Apple watches, nor will it link to Bluetooth.

What the Unisex Sports Watch is, is a simple, well-built, pedometer watch. It even looks like a normal watch.

Despite the lack of high-end features seen on some pedometer watches, the Unisex Sports Watch has a nice list of features needed in a pedometer watch:

  • LED electronic dial indicator with back light
  • 24 hour clock, week, month calendar
  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch and timer
  • Pedometer

Because it is a military-styled pedometer watch, the Fanmis Unisex Sports Watch has a plastic black band and housing. The LED display is bright and easy to read. It is waterproof down to 110 feet. It is also shock-resistant. It’s relatively small size and weight (2.4 ounces) makes it comfortable for men and women.

If you’re in the market for a basic pedometer watch, then the Fanmis Unisex Sports Watches Quartz Clock Military Waterproof Outdoor Pedometer Watch is what you need. It’s sturdy construction, comfort, durability, and low price, make it a good value. You won’t be sorry if you purchase it.

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3. Vahulawa® TW64 Smart Watch Bluetooth Watch Bracelet Smart band

Here’s another bracelet-style pedometer watch.

Like the other bracelet pedometer watch, the Your Exclusive, the Vahulawa TW64 is small, light, and easy to wear.

The rubber strap and housing make it a durable, colorfast product. Most amazing, especially for the price, is the list of features that compare favorably with the Your Exclusive.

For such a small, inexpensive pedometer watch, you will get an impressive array of features:

  • Pedometer functions – step, distance, and calories burned
  • Sleep duration and quality sensors
  • Event calendar
  • Call and text notification
  • Reminds you when you have been sedentary for too long
  • Remote camera
  • Vibrating alarm clock

The TW64 is also compatible with smartphone and bluetooth applications:

  • Android 4.4 or above
  • IOS 7.1 or above
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Keeps track of daily and weekly progress with installation of VeryFit 2.0 program

Unlike the first reviewed bracelet-style pedometer watch, the TW64 only has a few minor flaws. For example, the clasp on the bracelet will sometimes slip. While the pedometer seems to be more accurate than our other reviewed pedometer watches, it should be monitored for accuracy.

Of our reviewed pedometer watches, this one looks to be the best value. It is durable, well-designed, and offers an impressive list of features and functions. Despite the many functions, it is easy to use. The Vahulawa TW64 is an excellent value, especially for the price. Buy it!

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4. Smart Health Walking FIT

The Smart Health Walking FIT is the second watch-style pedometer watch in our review. Like the first one, this is a basic watch.

Even though it is a basic pedometer watch, don’t be fooled into thinking that this watch isn’t good at what it does. It is exceptional.

The features are of the highest quality and are extremely accurate. To this point, our reviewed pedometer watches only described the functions available. The Smart Health lists the features, and lists the programs that run the features. Here are the features and programs included in the Smart Health:

  • Automatic tracking monitors calories burned throughout your entire day, including basal metabolic rate
  • The intensity and duration of your activity through the day. No need to input your stride measurement during setup
  • EKG accurate heart rate delivered by S-Pulse technology
  • Smart Health dynamic pace calibration measures the length of your stride
  • Pulse and heart rate measurements available with the push of a button

There is an advanced setup option that allows for variables such as age, gender, height, and weight.

There are only a few minor issues with this pedometer watch. If you sweat a lot while working out, the watch may have a difficult time reading your vitals because of the condensation between your skin and the back of the watch.

The design of the Smart Health Walking FIT is attractive. It looks like a basic digital watch design from the past. It is light, well-built, and durable.

While it is a basic, non-smartphone capable pedometer, it still is able to monitor your most important vital signs and workout information accurately. This watch more than holds it’s own against our other reviewed pedometer watches.

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5. ELEGIANT Wireless Fitness Pedometer Tracker Bluetooth Sports Bracelet Activity Tracker

Our final entry for our review of best pedometer watches might be the best of all.

The Elegiant Wireless fitness pedometer Tracker Bluetooth Sports Bracelet Activity Tracker is everything you could want in a high-priced pedometer watch, but priced at only a fraction of the cost.

The only feature that seems to be missing from this pedometer watch is “turn on oven.” Like the other bracelet-type, smartphone-linkable pedometers the Elegiant can be linked to any number of Android, Apple, or Bluetooth devices.

  • Can be linked to i-pads with IOS 7.0 and above systems
  • Here’s the best feature of the Elegiant – the entire display unit can be removed from the bracelet setting and connected to a USB port. Obviously this feature makes battery charging a snap.

While battery charging is about as easy as it can get, you won’t need to recharge often. Once fully charged (about 30 minutes), the battery will last about a week.

Menu options are easy to find with a push of a button located on the top right corner of the unit. The Elegiant will not only notify you of missed calls, but will show the number of the call.

Reviewing the Elegiant Wireless Fitness Pedometer is certainly a case of saving the best for last. While the initial setup might be difficult for some, that is really about the only flaw to be found here.

This pedometer watch is heads and shoulders above any of the pedometers here. Most impressive is the fact that it’s cost is comparable to many lesser units. For $26.99 you can’t go wrong with the Elegiant Wireless Fitness Pedometer.

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Final Verdict

All but one (Your Exclusive Waterproof Activity Tracker) of these pedometer watches can be considered quality values. The basic, vital statistic trackers are good for they are meant to do.

The more complex, capable pedometer watches perform modern functions at low cost. Of all the pedometer watches reviewed here, the Elegiant Wireless Fitness Pedometer is, without a doubt, the best value. You will be happy you purchased it.