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Best Pedometer Watch Under $50

Pedometers are devices that monitor your steps. With such a device, you can track activities such as running, swimming, walking and sleeping. They motivate people to achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s tracking your heart rate or the number of steps you move each day, pedometers will help you gauge your performance and health.

If you have never bought a pedometer before, we would recommend you go for something cheap. An expensive pedometer can blow a hole in your pocket. Investing in a cheaper one will be a good option for you now as you will get to know what features you are actually looking for and whether the pedometer is useful for you. Therefore, a low-cost pedometer is a sound choice for those who are new to these tracking devices.

I have reviewed some of the best pedometers which you can get under $50. While they do no cost much, they will get the job done.

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker

I give it 5/5 stars because it tracks accurately and has a long battery life.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker vibrates to notify you when you receive a call, text or notification from social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat on your phone. You get the details of these notifications directly on its screen. It allows you to see the caller ID as well as the content of texts and notifications.

Special Features

It has a 135 mAh lithium-ion battery which gives it a long battery life. Plug it into a power source and once it is charged, use it for approximately two weeks or more. It stays charged for a long period of time, which makes it stand out from its competition.

• It has a slim design
• This device is water-resistant
• The display is visible in sunlight as well
• It counts steps accurately
• It does not stop tracking automatically
• There is no GPS in this device

Positive Comments

You can wear it even when you go for a swim or take a shower as it will not stop working in damp conditions. Unlike most fitness trackers, you can read off its screen even as you look at it as you are out under the sun.

Negative Comments

It does not pair up all too well via Bluetooth. Furthermore, you can’t set up the alarm directly on the watch. For that, you will have to take out your phone.

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker

Tracking is the most important feature in a pedometer, so since this one does not track efficiently, I am giving it only two stars.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker tracks sleep as well as the heart rate. It is resistant to water, which is why you can use it while swimming or even when taking a shower. Just like the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it has a long battery life of about 20 days.

It has a sports app as well, which allows you to set your daily goals according to your own preferences. You can choose a fitness program which you think suits you best and check your sleep data and exercise.

Special Features

A striking feature in this pedometer is that it allows you to reject an unwanted call. The name of the caller will be displayed on the screen and if you don’t want to answer it, you can reject it by long pressing.

• Offers up to 50m of water resistance
• Good for monitoring the heart rate
• Provides a good OLED display
• Has a good battery life
• Its screen visibility is not good when used outdoors
• Its design is not up to the mark

Positive Comments

Its soft rubber construction makes it quite comfortable for everyday use. Just strap it on your wrist and completely forget that you are wearing it because it is not bothersome at all.

Negative Comments

Its tracking activity is not up to par. Its app does not connect easily with the band. Plus, it does not reconnect via Bluetooth once it gets out of range.

3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

I give it four points because it can track a range of activities.


The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR has 14 modes for tracking various sports activities such as running, hiking and exercise. If you use it for, let’s suppose, monitoring your workouts and haven’t exercised in a while, this tracker will tell you that it’s time to move. When you connect it to your phone’s GPS, you will get the stats of your activity right on your wrist.

It has a seven-day battery life. Once you get it fully charged, you won’t have to plug it into a power source for a week. Since it has a USB plug, you don’t need a separate charging cable to charge it.

Special Features

It lets you to track your heart rate in real time. Once you have finished your workout, you can check your performance on the in-app report. You can also track your sleep with it. The good thing is that it tracks your sleep automatically.

• Can track 14 different sports activities
• It is able to control the shutter feature on a smartphone
• Gives clear readings on its OLED screen
• The screen automatically lights up as you move it toward you
• Vibrates as you receive calls or texts
• It does not work with a PC or tablet
• Does not track steps accurately

Positive Comments

It is very convenient to wear every day because it is very comfortable. Also, you get a variety of modes for tracking your sports activities.

Negative Comments

This tracker only works with smartphones. You can’t use it with a PC or tablet. This restricts its use to only those who own a smartphone.

4. Willful Fitness Tracker

I give this one three stars instead of four because it turns off on its own. Apart from that, it is a good tracking watch with some really cool features.


The Willful Fitness Tracker monitors fourteen different sports such as workouts, walking, cycling, running, spinning, mountaineering, dancing and yoga. It is a waterproof tracker that can handle up to 3m of diving. Hence, you can swim without worrying about getting water into its system.

You can check any calls or messages you receive on this watch. Another cool feature is that it tells you when you need to relax for a while. You don’t need any separate wires for charging it since it has a USB plug which is built into it.

Special Features

It is very easy to take photos from your phone using this device as it can control your phone’s camera remotely. If you have it, you can capture photos right from your wrist. Clicking photos of memorable events was never this easy.

• Comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee
• Its health assistant reminds you when you need to relax
• It can be charged through its USB plug
• It is waterproof
• Has a colored screen
• Turns off when exposed to water
• Does not track sleep accurately

Positive Comments

If you are not satisfied by its performance, the company will return your money, making it a risk-free investment. For minor problems, the manufacturer replaces the watch right away.

Negative Comments

It can turn off on its own, especially when it comes into contact with water. Apart from that, the sleep tracking is not up to mark.

5. L8star Fitness Tracker

I give it three stars because it keeps disconnecting.


The L8star Fitness Tracker automatically monitors your heart rate. You only need to set it up through the app, and you will be good to go. You can track automatically in real time as well as manually. It offers 6 different modes of sports and accurately tracks the calories you burn or the distance you travel.

This device is dustproof, so if you take it with you on an adventure in a dusty place such as in a desert or to a beach, the dust will not be able to get into it or alter its functioning. Thus, you can work with it as you build sandcastles with your kids without fearing the dust particles ruining your watch.

Special Features

It has a 1.3-inch IPS display. The words that appear on the screen are thicker and bigger than most other alternatives so that you can clearly read off the screen.

• Has an excellent battery life
• Tells you the time accurately
• You can receive call, SNS and SMS notifications on it
• Waterproof
• Charges pretty fast
• Counts only continuous steps
• Keeps disconnecting

Positive Comments

It is easy to charge with a computer or any USB block. It charges pretty quickly; in just about an hour of plugging it into a power source, it will be fully charged.

Negative Comments

It needs to be hugging your wrist tightly to count your steps. Moreover, it only keeps track of steps that you take continuously such as if you are on a walk, but if you are moving about your house at intervals, it fails at logging your steps.

6. MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

I give this device four stars because it offers a number of features and gives a fairly accurate result.


The MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker is a fashionable smartwatch with a bright display. The screen comes with an IPS color technology and is high definition. The tracker automatically monitors sleep and records during different sleeping intervals such as deep sleep, whole sleep, light sleep and awake time. The health data is depicted in a chart, which shows the status of your fitness throughout the day.

Apart from that, it is compatible with a number of smartphones including iPhones and Android devices. You can pair it up with your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Special Features

It has a physiological period reminder that lets you know of your different states related to your physiology. You can set your gender into its app. In case the user is a woman, it reminds of periods.

• Comes with a built-in USB plug
• It has a multi-display mode
• It has a heart rate warning as well as a sedentary reminder
• It has a bright colored display
• Offers a physiological reminder for periods
• Not very accurate
• Not waterproof

Positive Comments

It tracks every hour and is almost perfect to use indoors. Its display is also stylish and colorful.

Negative Comments

It sometimes gives very low blood pressure readings. Hence, it’s not a sound pick if you want to monitor your blood pressure.

Editor’s Choice

The two products which I like the most are:

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker counts steps accurately, which makes it one of the most efficient trackers. Its slim design and the fact that it isn’t expensive make it a favorable choice if you are looking for a health tracker.

The other tracker which I really recommend is LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR. It tracks 14 different sports activities and you can easily read off its OLED screen. While it isn’t as accurate as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it gives you cool features at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

All the pedometers reviewed above have something which makes them stand out. Find the one that suits your needs and weigh the pros against the cons to pick out the best option. You can even go with one of my top two picks if you find it hard to decide on a product.

Different companies are introducing new smartwatches with more and more cool features, but don’t fall into the trap of going for a product for all the wrong reasons. Remember that the main function of a fitness device is to track your fitness accurately. Therefore, always go for a tracking watch that does the job fairly well.

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