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Best Pedometer – Guide & Reviews

Are you ready to improve your overall health? Has your doctor recommended that you increase your daily activity level? If so, you need to get active! No matter how active or inactive you are, it does no good to exercise if you don’t know how much or how little you are doing. To measure your activity each day, it’s important that you get a good pedometer.

A pedometer is an electronic device that keeps track of the number of steps you take each day in addition to other various information. If you’re in the market for a new pedometer, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll cover what to look for in a good pedometer, and then we’ll review ten of the best pedometers available for sale on the internet today. Let’s get started:

How to Choose Your Pedometer

When selecting a new pedometer, there are several different items that you should take into consideration. Here are some of the most important ones:


What information, or data, does the pedometer tell you? All of them will track the number of steps you take each day, but there are many more items that you can track, depending upon which pedometer you select. Some examples of data are number of stairs, distance covered, elevation, heart rate, calories burned, and exercise time.

Make sure the pedometer you choose has the ability to display all the data you require. Some pedometers can even sync with your computer to provide additional data and progress toward your goals.

Water Resistance

Most people look for this feature when they buy a new watch, but neglect to think about it when shopping for a new pedometer. Your new pedometer should be at least water resistant if it is worn on your wrist.

That way, it won’t get ruined if you get in the shower or get caught in a rainstorm with it on. Some pedometers have a high degree of water resistance, up to many meters of water depth. Sweat and water are going to happen when you’re out exercising.

Ease of Use

Just like any other tool, your new pedometer does you no good if you can’t use it. Read through customer reviews on websites like Amazon.com to determine if people who have actually used a pedometer are able to use it easily.

Pay close attention to setup times and automatic features, which help you by remembering things for you. If you’re older, look for larger displays and buttons that you can read and see.

Battery Technology

This is an important issue when it comes to any device you use everyday. Some pedometers use watch batteries which will last 6 months to a year, while others have internal lithium-ion batteries that need to be recharged daily or every couple of days. If you’re not going to remember to charge your pedometer, get one with a battery.

If you’re used to charging up all of your devices every night, a rechargeable pedometer will work just fine for you. Generally speaking, the more features a pedometer has, the less battery life performance you will get.

Recommended Product Reviews

1. 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer

This pedometer is designed to work anywhere, and is available in black, white, or pink. If you buy this pedometer, you get a free ebook titled “Walking for Life.”

The technology that allows this pedometer to function everywhere is called Tri-Axis 3D Sensor Technology. The device measures movement on three different axes, so no matter where it is on your body, it registers each step you take.

You can clip it on your shirt, put it in your pocket, wear it on your waist, or just keep it in your bag, and the steps will get counted!

The Data

So what information does the 3DTriSport pedometer provide? It records your daily walking steps, daily running steps, distance in kilometers or miles, calories burned, fat burned, and total exercise time for each day. For such an affordable pedometer, this one provides all the data you need for your individual fitness program.


To keep track of your fitness goals, you need to be able to track your daily progress. This pedometer helps you do that with its internal 30-day memory. It will store your data totals from each day for a total of 30 so you can write your totals down in a journal or enter them on a spreadsheet if you prefer.

There’s nothing better than tracking your progress to keep you motivated and exercising.The 3DTriSport pedometer is an affordable, straightforward model with plenty of information. The only drawback is that you must reset the device each day manually, so if you forget often this might not be the best pedometer for you.


2. Omron Tri Axis Pedometer

This pedometer from Omron is another affordable option that does everything most people need it to do. It comes in black only.One great feature this pedometer has is the automatic reset function.

Each day at midnight, the Tri Axis Pedometer will reset itself, so it’s ready to go each morning when you wake up. This is a great feature for those of us who already have too much to remember, and don’t want to reset our pedometer each day.

What’s it Count?

This pedometer displays all the information you need. It tracks steps, aerobic steps, steps per minute, distance covered, and calories burned each day. And with the Tri-Axis technology, it will keep track for you in almost any position, even horizontal. The pedometer comes with a handy clip so you can put it wherever’s most convenient for you.


The Tri Axis pedometer has a built-in memory that stores 7 days’ worth of data at a time. This allows you plenty of time to record your data to track your progress.

Power duties are handled by a CR2032 battery, which should last for around one year of normal use.This pedometer is another good choice if you are on a budget and just want a low tech step counter with automatic reset.


3. Vahulawa TW64 Smart Watch Bluetooth Watch Bracelet

This fitness bracelet from Vahulawa is a great choice for people who want the performance of a Fitbit but don’t want to spend the money. This is a great choice for kids, too!

The TW64 tracks all of the data you require for your fitness program. It counts total steps, distance walked, calories burned, sleep quality and quantity, and it has event reminders to get you to drink water, take your medicine, go to meetings, or get up and exercising!

And when you compile your data to your phone, you get an even more powerful fitness tool.


The TW64 syncs with your smartphone for use with the dedicated fitness app. Compatible phones are Android 4.4 or above, or iPhone 4S and iPad with iOS7.1 or higher. Syncing your fitness bracelet to your phone and fitness app makes it easy to compile data and set and track fitness goals over the long term.

The Extras

Yes, this fitness bracelet does more. It can notify you of incoming or missed calls, display the time, it will find your phone if you lose it, remotely control your camera on your phone, and it has a sedentary reminder to tell you when you’ve been sitting for too long.

One other great feature is the vibration alarm clock, which can gently wake you up each morning by vibrating your wrist. Your partner will appreciate it.This fitness band is extremely affordable, is water resistant, and includes a USB charging cable for your convenience.


4. Garmin vivofit Fitness Band

Garmin’s fitness bracelet is called the Vivofit fitness band. It is available in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, red, black, and green.

You can also purchase aftermarket bands in a wide range of other colors.Unlike most of the other fitness bands, Garmin opted to use battery technology for trouble-free use and water resistance.

You new Vivofit band comes with a CR2032 battery that should last over a year with regular use. Plus, the water resistance means you never have to take it off if you don’t want to. Fitness bands that use batteries tend to be more reliable and much more waterproof.


The Garmin Vivofit band tracks all the information you’d expect. It counts your total number of steps, calories burned, total distance walked, and the quantity and quality of sleep you get each day. And when you sync to your computer or mobile device with Garmin Connect, you get a larger picture of your fitness progress and goals.

Daily Goals

The Vivofit is a smart fitness band. It will learn your regular activity level, and then give you a goal that is achievable. After that, it slightly adjusts your goals each day to allow for constant improvement. Daily goals that are met are a great way to stay focused and motivated, so the Garmin Vivofit is a great tool.

The Vivofit band from Garmin is much more affordable than some other brands, but it has all of the features and more. The one negative here is the lack of backlight on the display, so the clock is rendered useless in the dark.


5. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

The Charge HR comes to us from Fitbit, the industry leader in the fitness bracelet market. It’s one of the pricier items on this list, but it might be worth it.

What sets the Charge HR apart is its ability to provide continuous heart rate data – from your wrist! Most other fitness bracelets don’t even have the option to add a heart rate monitor, and if they do it’s usually a bulky strap that goes around your torso.

Having heart rate data allows the Fitbit to more accurately track key indicators like calories burned.

Other Data

The Fitbit Charge HR keeps track of your all day activity and your workouts. SmartTrack technology automatically recognizes when you are exercising and records it into the Fitbit app.

It also tracks steps, distance walked/ran, calories burned, floors climbed, and how many minutes you were active. It also has a clock, daily stat reports, and call notifications. You can also set an alarm to wake up silently with a little vibration.

Wireless Sync

In order to sync the Charge HR, you don’t even have to plug it in. It just has to be in range of your smart device, and all of the data will automatically download to your Fitbit app.

Keeping track of progress and goals using all of this data has never been easier.The Charge HR is a great product, but the downside is that the band is part of the bracelet, and can’t be changed out.


6. Omron HJ325 Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

This pedometer is a rather primitive design that may be best suited for young children or the elderly. Its simple design uses three large buttons and an easy to read, large display screen.

Put this pedometer anywhere on your body, because it just doesn’t care! It will work in any position, whether it’s flat, horizontal, vertical, or somewhere in between.

Use the clip on the back and the lanyard to make sure it doesn’t fall off while you’re exercising.

Auto Stride

A neat feature on the HJ 325 pedometer is the Auto Stride function. If the user inputs their height and weight information, this pedometer automatically calculates their stride length, which results in more accurate distance totals.

You work hard for every step, and you should get credit for every single inch you walk! Auto Stride makes sure you have the most accurate information possible.


The HJ 325 pedometer displays five different information points. They are the current time, total steps taken, total aerobic steps taken, distance walked, and calories burned each day.

Seven days’ worth of information is stored at any one time, and can be examined on the display screen. This is a basic pedometer that’s easy to use and lightweight.


7. Your Exclusive Waterproof Activity Tracker

This great looking fitness band is stylish looking and affordable. It comes in pink, orange, green, blue, or black. This activity tracker from Your Exclusive can be synced to your smartphone or computer.

Using the free fitness app, you can easily track your progress towards milestones and goals.

What’s even better, you don’t even have to plug the bracelet in to your device, because it syncs automatically using Bluetooth technology.

This fitness tracker is compatible with Android 4.3 and up, Apple iOS 7.0 and up, and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Receive call and text notifications from your phone to your wrist with this cool fitness bracelet, and it will even find your phone if you lose it!


The battery inside this fitness bracelet is a rechargeable lithium-ion. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge, will last 7 days in standby mode, and will last about 2 days with normal use.

To charge, simply remove the host piece and place in the included USB adapter. The battery performance here is average, so you just have to make charging your fitness tracker a normal part of your routine.


The Your Exclusive Activity Tracker has your back. As you go about your day, it will record how many steps you take, how many calories you burn, total distance traveled while walking or running, and the total number of minutes you exercised. When your day is over, it tracks how much sleep you got overnight, and how good it was.

This fitness tracker has all of the data you want.This is another affordable alternative to the more expensive options, but it has all of their features. The fact that this fitness bracelet is water resistant is a definite plus.


8. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

This is another activity band from Fitbit. This one’s only available in black, but there are fastening rings of different colors and styles available to make it your own.

If you’re a runner, you’ll appreciate the Fitbit Charge. It provides real time statistics like distance, time, and pace to stay on track if you’ve set a goal for your current run.

This makes it a great fitness tool to have when you’re out getting a run in.

Sync It

Like all Fitbit products, you can sync your Charge to your smartphone or computer to download data from your bracelet to the Fitbit app.

If the Charge is in Bluetooth range, it will sync automatically, so you don’t have to worry about remembering. Also, with a battery life of 7-10 days, you’ll spend less time charging the Fitbit Charge.

What it Does

What does the Fitbit Charge do? Everything you want plus some extra. It is a watch, it will give you call and text notifications, it tracks your stationary time, your activity time, floors climbed, calories burned, distance walked and total number of steps each day.

When you sync to the app, you can see your data compiled together to get a clearer picture of your fitness progress.The Fitbit Charge is a great choice for those who don’t want to pay full price for a Fitbit product, but want all of the performance.


9. Ozeri 4x3razor Pocket 3D Pedometer

The Ozeri pedometer is a simple digital design that’s no-nonsense. You can get it in black, yellow, or blue. A belt clip, extra battery, and detachable lanyard are all included.

The Ozeri pedometer is designed to work no matter where you put it. It utilizes a new 3D Tri-Axis sensor made by Bosch in Germany.

The Bosch sensor uses X,Y, and Z vectors to establish movements and steps. That means it works in any position, irrespective of where you put it. Simply use the included lanyard or clip and get to walking!

It’s Small

The 4x3razor pedometer is designed for use by all high-performance athletes, so Ozeri made it as small and light as they could. Ozeri claims that at .2” thick and ½ ounce it is the lightest and thinnest pedometer available in the world.

I know that when selecting a new pedometer, light weight and small size are a definite plus. It’s always annoying if your pedometer feels like it’s weighing you down.

The Data

The 4x3razor does it all. It records exercise time, fat burned, calories burned, distance traveled, and total number of steps each day. It can count up to 1 million steps, has a 30-day memory so you have plenty of time to record your data, and it includes a built-in clock, sports timer, and it sleeps when you do!

You can also use the MotionLock feature to keep your pedometer from counting steps when you’re moving in a vehicle.If you want a small and light device to count your steps, this is a great choice. It’s not fancy, but it’s affordable and does its job.


10. Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

This is a popular pedometer from Omron, known for its accuracy and reliability. Power is supplied by 2032 3-volt lithium batteries.

One reason that people like the HJ-112 so much is the fact that it resets itself. Each day at midnight, your step total will reset, so when you wake up in the morning, you’re all ready to go!

Avoid the confusion of trying to remember if you reset your pedometer last night with one that does it by itself. It will save you time, effort, and confusion.


The HJ-112 can store up to 7 days’ worth of data at any one time. That gives you the opportunity to transfer your information to your journal or computer for long-term goal and progress tracking. As each day passes, the data from the oldest day drops off.


The HJ-112 gives you all the data you need to manage your fitness goals. It provides information on fat grams burned, calories burned, regular steps, aerobic steps, distance walked, a clock, and exercise/walking time.

Compare this pedometer with other, more expensive ones and you’ll be impressed with its accuracy. While it only has dual axis technology (instead of Tri-Axis technology), it remains a quality pedometer for price and performance.


Final Verdict

All of the fitness trackers included in this review article are solid choices if you need a new pedometer. There are two distinct styles here, which are the clip-on, lanyard style pedometer, and the newer technology fitness bracelets with many more features. Since I always like to name a winner, for this article we’ll name two.

For the basic, clip to your belt digital pedometer, the winner is the Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer. Customer feedback on this pedometer was extraordinary, with many people buying extras in case the one they had broke or quit working. For a fitness bracelet pedometer, my champion is the Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband.

I like that it has a 7-10 day battery life, and has all the features of the newer Fitbits, but at a reduced price. If you’re looking for a new pedometer, these two are best buys.