Best Pedometer Apps You Can Try Today!

You don’t always need an actual pedometer device to keep track of your steps. Your phone pretty much has all the sensors that are found in a pedometer. With the right app, your phone can be a fantastic pedometer. Below, we will quickly introduce you to the best pedometer apps, both for your Android phone or your iPhone. Just bear in mind that pedometer apps can substitute pedometers only as long as you have your phone on your person, when you take walks, jogs or hikes!

If you really don’t want your phone on you when you take a walk or a run or jog, we highly recommend that you invest in a fitness tracker that you can wear on your wrist or around your chest. We have reviewed almost every fitness tracker out there in the market today, on this very site. Just do some digging around to learn more about how to buy the best fitness tracker whether you are a woman, body builder, a kid or a swimmer! We have all the information you need. Now, let’s get back to pedometer apps you can install on your phone.

Best pedometer apps for Android

Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach from Pacer Health

This app has won the Editor’s Choice award at the Google Play store. With a very simple yet intuitive UI, you can track the calories you burn, the steps you take, the distance you cover and the speed with which you cover it at. It will also use your phone’s GPS to track your walk and run routes.

What makes this app really special is that you can pair it with MyFitnessPal. With MyFitnessPal taking care of all your nutritional tracking, you can easily use this app’s fitness data to input the amount of calories you burn into MyFitnessPal, to get a comprehensive idea of how you are managing your fitness.

If you can get your family or friends to install this app, you can invite them to daily contests where you compare the steps you take against the numbers they manage to put up, creating a friendly and fun competition that will help everyone stay fit.

The app is free to use. The only drawback is that you will get to see some ads. But, it is a minor inconvenience considering that the app has several advantages to offer. This app has won the editor’s choice award as it is widely regarded as one of the most accurate pedometer apps. The app is designed in such a way that you will be allowed to fine tune the tracking to suit your personal style of walking, should the app’s default tracking not be 100% accurate.

Runkeeper GPS Track Run Walk app by FitnessKeeper

This is a fantastic pedometer app to have if you are specifically wanting a pedometer to track all your running, with GPS tracking enabled. The app can track your running by letting you use just the phone on your person or it can also pair up with an Android Wear device that you use, if you prefer to run without your phone.

The primary screen will track your total run time, the distance you have covered and the pace at which you run. What’s fun about this app is that you can set various goals with it. Whether you want to test your previous best times or set a goal in such a way that it will help you reach a certain pace or even a certain target weight, the app can roll out targets that you can then try to achieve.

Like most pedometer apps, this will allow you to invite fellow runners so you can all track each other’s progress and cheer everyone involved. You can set up the app in such a way that it will provide you with audio cues about the distance you have covered or the distance you have to cover, at timely intervals.

This app can be paired with Spotify, your Fitbit app or even MyFitnessPal, giving you versatility when it comes to using other fitness apps and devices you might be using.

The basic version is free to use. If you want the premium version, you have to purchase the paid version of the app that will give you extra features like personally prescribed workouts, very detailed progress insights and also live tracking that you can share with family members or friends, so they know exactly where you are running.

Best pedometer apps for iPhone

Pedometer & Walking app by Pacer Health

We already talked about the Pedometer app by Pacer Health above. The same app is also available on the iTunes store.

Pedometer ++ by Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

This is an extremely popular iTunes pedometer app that has a very vibrantly designed UI to help you track your steps and calories.

Using this app, keeping track of your steps on a daily and weekly basis is a real breeze. Pedometer ++ will integrate with your iPhone’s Health app and is also compatible with the Apple Watch. Besides step data, the app can also display calories, distance covered, active calories and even heart rate data, as long as you use a compatible device that can continuously monitor your heart rate data, like the Apple Series 3 Watch.

You can use the app to set daily step goals to be constantly reminded to get moving, when you are being too idle. The app’s data can be integrated with iMessage. So, if a friend asks you how your trail hike is going, you can simply send him an actual bar graph of the steps you have taken over the duration of the day, making for a fun way to converse with them. All data collected by the Apple Watch can be merged with the data collected from this app.

We hope this information on walking step apps is what you were looking for when you began reading this article. Again, please remember that these apps generally recommend that you keep your phone on your person and specifically in your hip pocket to get the most accurate pedometer readings. They will still work if you keep them in a jacket pocket or in a handbag but the sensors are so much accurate if they are actually in a place where they can sense your leg movements.